Business Services

Mrs. Janiesa Owens is the Executive Director of Business Services and Human Resources/ Chief School Business Official (CSBO) for Elementary School District 159. She manages the district’s fiduciary funds and advises the Superintendent and Board of Education on financial affairs.
Focusing on the school's responsibility for the academic, cultural, physical, emotional, and social development of the student, the CSBO supports these learning outcomes by being responsible for all matters involving financial planning and forecasting, construction, accounts payable/receivable, and providing support and oversite to state and federal grants, transportation, and facility management.
The Department of Business Services is responsible for the aforementioned financial affairs of the District including, but not limited to; budget and tax levy preparation, accounting, capital planning, financial reporting, administration of District insurance and fringe benefit programs, food service operations, contracts, purchasing, payroll, and human resources. The Department of Business Services works cooperatively with the Superintendent, school district staff, and Board of Education to maximize fiscal integrity and accountability while ensuring that all such operations provide adequate resources necessary to meet the educational needs of all students by way of implementing strategic improvement plans to thrive in Elementary School District 159.
Janiesa Owens, CSBO
Executive Director of
Business Services & Human Resources