Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E)

Welcome to Elementary School District 159 (ESD 159) Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E) page!  F.A.C.E is an integral part our educational system.  Raising the next generation is a shared responsibility.  We invite you to partner with ESD 159 as we educate, empower and inspire the whole child through your
active participation and involvement.  We look forward to seeing you.


Ina M. Jones

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator

Elementary School District 159

6202 Vollmer Road

Matteson, IL 60443


Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. By: Rita Pierson

Mrs Ina Jones
Remote Learning - Tech Tool Preparedness for Parents: Navigating Google Classroom
The 8th Annual Essence of Fatherhood Awards- "A Few Good Men Reigning Supreme Over COVID-19". Fathers and father figures were selected due to the support and encouragement offered to their child or mentee through a difficult period called the coronavirus has been noticed.
Society, School and Home
"Parents and Cultural Competition: Ensuring Our Kids Get the Right Stuff"
This excellent presentation takes a realistic dive into how cultural capital, social capital and race collide through society, home and school experiences.  Good information to share with family and friends.
We would like to thank Culver's of Matteson for their sponsorship!!
At the core of the site is the Illinois State Board of Education’s Family Engagement Framework.  The framework includes principles that establish a foundation for developing meaningful engagement with families and community leaders including guides that address capacity building, leadership development, resource allocation, progress monitoring, access, and equity.