Public Relations – School & Community Development


The overall goal of the Public Relations Department is to connect the school district with the community and stakeholders.  In doing so, the department is responsible for multi-faceted activities including but not limited to:

  • Collaborating with our schools to bridge the gap between the school district and community, develop community-wide newsletters highlighting the accomplishments, activities, and providing beneficial information to all stakeholders; and create various sources of informational circulations. 
  • Collaborating with senior administrators to assess district-wide and community needs, create an action plan in support of the mission, goals, and objectives of the school district, manage and monitor the District’s Strategic Plan, as well as develop and maintain effective communication with potential stakeholders to ascertain funding sources associated with the school district’s strategic plan. 
  • Serving as the public relations representative of the school district by creating and managing the Superintendent of School’s community outreach program to enhance partnerships within and outside of the school district, and provide guidance in the area of relationship development. The department is responsible for establishing and implementing all aspects of the school district’s publicity, marketing and community relations plan. 
  • Establishing effective relationships with local, state and congressional elected officials to ensure support and assistance in meetings the goals of the school district. 
  • Serving as the grant specialist for the school district, acts as the liaison for federal, state, local, and private grants, and identifies new sources of revenues. This is accomplished by conducting research and analysis to determine the feasibility of grant applications, submissions, and appropriateness. In addition, the department manages acquired grants by providing guidance to and assessment of project managers and coordinators as it pertains to the operations of grant funded programs and projects, as well as oversee all financial aspects and reporting of grants. Furthermore, the department conducts grant workshops to teachers and staff to increase their knowledge of grant writing and management.