Teaching, Learning and Accountability


The ESD 159 Teaching, Learning and Accountability (TLA) Department systematically supports individualized and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education by: developing a strong curriculum; offering a high-quality STEM Program; supporting equity across the district; and providing high quality professional learning and methodologies. Our department also partners with families and academic partners for student success, conducts action research and evaluates effective research-based methods to obtain successful student outcomes.
   Our mission is to transform teaching, learning and student achievement by implementing cycles of continuous improvement, on-going progress monitoring and developing professional learning communities that work collaboratively to champion educational excellence. Our comprehensive curriculum and tiered support structure individualize learning for traditional students, English Language Learners, and students served in gifted and special education. We believe all students can learn, grow, and thrive in a climate and culture that provides various levels of academic and behavioral support for success. 
  Under my leadership, the Teaching, Learning and Accountability team will promote high achievement for every student and work shoulder to shoulder with school community stakeholders to uphold the core values of ESD 159 with compassion and on-going support. Team members will stay abreast of current research, methodology, innovation and best practices to inform decisions. We will build respect and trust, model equity, integrity, resilience, transparency and use data to drive continuous improvement efforts. The ESD 159 Teaching, Learning and Accountability department will remain committed to building schools that prepare all students for college, career, civic life and beyond. 


Tanya L. Fields
 Assistant Superintendent of
Teaching, Learning and Accountability