Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments

Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department in Elementary School District 159 in Matteson, IL !


As Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments, it is my honor to work with the dedicated staff, administration, families and students that comprise the entire professional learning community. The primary purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to:


  • coordinate professional learning opportunities,
  • ensure rigorous curriculum access and alignment,
  • engage in cycles of continuous improvement.

We are responsible for providing leadership, support and coaching to teachers, general education staff and building administrators while ensuring high quality instruction and learning takes place in every classroom every day! In addition to assessments, we monitor and refine what students learn during daily instruction.


The Curriculum Department advocates best practices in lesson delivery, design and administers a strategic professional development program for staff. Our Strategic Plan affords us the opportunity to “To maximize the achievement and personal growth of each District child”. To that end, we remain strategic and steadfast in our pursuit of educational excellence in all classrooms.


The Curriculum and Instruction Department builds a culture of continuous learning and intellectual stretch by serving as a growth agent in providing learning opportunities grounded in equity with exceptional delivery of services. We work with all stakeholders to provide a comprehensive, engaging and relevant instructional program which promotes every student meeting or exceeding Illinois Learning (Common Core) Standards. Our goal is to align our efforts and work collaboratively in a productive team environment.


We believe that parents are their child’s first teacher! We encourage our families to join us as active participants in their child’s education. Communication and understanding between home and school are critical to a student’s success.


The Curriculum and Instruction Department features a team of experts who view the big picture when it comes to teaching and learning. We ensure that concepts are covered in a relevant way and curriculum builds effectively from year to year offering students the academic skills and knowledge necessary to secure success in the future. It is equally important to remember that curriculum is a living document that will continually evolve in response to student and societal needs. With embedded 21st Century skills and authentic real world experiences, course offerings foster skills and attitudes that enable children to think critically, creatively and constructively.


In Elementary School District 159, our efforts are emphasized and reinforced through the utilization of professional learning communities aimed at increasing the performance of all students. We remain cognizant that Together Everyone Achieves More!

Mrs.Tanya Fields
Asst. Superintendent
Mrs. Cherryl MitchellMrs. Cherryl Mitchell
Admin. Assistant
C&I Administrator
Mrs. Ina JonesMrs. Ina Jones
Family and Community
Engagement Coordinator