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Welcome to the District’s technology page.  The goal of the district's technology team is to ensure students, teachers and staff have access to the tools required to provide our students with a world-class education.  The technology team is responsible for the evaluation, procurement, installation and support of all districted owned/leased hardware and software, our approach is to match the tool to the need. 

The district is a one to one environment, with every student being supplied with a Chromebook.  Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and wireless access point to ensure a high-level of network availability, allowing students and staff immediate access to current information.  As the Districts Technology Director my responsibilities include; 

    • Budget Oversight 
    • Coordinating activities with vendors to minimize downtime 
    • Identifying and recommending new technology 
    • Minimizing and mitigating security vulnerabilities 
    • Working with department heads to assess IT needs 
    • Hire and retaining best IT professionals 
    • Managing capacity planning

Specific Areas of Support 

    • Network Infrastructure 
    • Phone system (VOIP) 
    • Provide Media Support 
    • Web Content Filtering 
    • Administration of Windows Active Directory/Google Platform 
    • Manage Website Content 
    • Manage and Administration for Security Cameras 
    • Manage and Monitor Virus Software 
    • Manage the District Technology Support 
    • Provide Support for the HVAC internal control environment 
    • Provide Support for Building Access Control System 
    • Provide Support for the Integration and Training of New Technology 
    • Provide Support for Managing External Communication 
    • Manage the E-rate Process 
    • Integrated the following learning activities into the learning landscape – Coding, Lego Robotics, Cyber security and Media Arts Club 


In addition to providing our students with the best technology available, we've also expanded the number of technology learning opportunities. Our students are offered workshops in computer coding, robotics, web design and cyber-security/computer forensics.
We remain committed to researching and acquiring the best technology to advance student achievement.