The 4th Annual Energy Fair

On Friday March 29th, a select group of 12 students were chosen to conduct an energy audit of Colin Powell Middle School. After a short lesson on what tools are used to find out how much energy is being used, students went to work learning how to use the tools. These tools included a thermometer for temperature, hygrometer for humidity, a light meter to measure if rooms are too bright or too dim and a Kill o Watt meter to determine how many watts are being used by an electrical appliance. Students conducted energy audits of a classroom, the front office, a bathroom, and the cafetorium. One of the things that students learned is that we can save money by turning off unused appliances and open blinds to use natural light instead of overhead lights. Following the lesson, students went on a tour led by Dwight Major, Director of Buildings and Grounds,  and Robert Triche,  to see the boiler, back up generator, water pump system, water heater, and all the switches that control the power at the school. 


On Wednesday April 3rd, students conducted our 4th annual energy fair. They taught students and their families about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and facilitated games for people to play. We had a smart grid system and smart home on display to show how power reaches your home and to show advancements in technology to make homes conserve energy better. There was a face painting and tattoo table which is always a crowd favorite. Upon exciting visitors turned in their stamped passports for a bag of goodies and a prize of their choice. We had about 200 people in attendance between the visitors, volunteers and staff.